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Can you save Emlia
                   before time runs out

and darkness will consume this land forever....

What happened before

The magical kingdom of Emlia is on the verge of total destruction. Something evil is roaming the land. Sorcerer Iwflyn, the protector of the water of life in the realm has been taken and the water poisoned. Time is running out! Only one night before the Bloodmoon rises and it'll all be too late...

You and your fellow travellers have an important choice to make: do you turn around and go back or...will you enter the realm of Emlia through Emmelocked to finish the work of Iwflyn and take the first step to defeat vicious Exos? 

With your group of travellers you'll take on the Quest to make the antidote and save Emlia before it is doomed to darkness forever...


An adventure which challenges, fascinates and surprises you for well over an hour.

Emmelocked is more than an Escape Room...
It is an Escape from reality


Are you ready for


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